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Behavioral factors in SEO optimization

Behavioral factors are various actions of website visitors that are evaluated by search algorithms and affect the overall site rating. Behavioral factors attract the attention of marketers who have specific tasks and deadlines. There are many different manipulations associated with behavioral factors that are used to improve website rankings, but it is important for us that these methods are approved by search engines. That is, we are considering only “legitimate” methods for improving the assessment of behavioral factors.

Behavioral factors


Types of behavioral factors

  • Bounce rate

Some sites open and close immediately and never return to them. The higher the bounce rate, the worse the site's ranking. A high bounce rate may be since the site got to the top by illegal methods, and instead of useful interesting content, it offers users advertising and low-quality content.

  • Average Time Spent

Time spent on each page of the site. This factor also shows how much the user is interested in the content.

  • Depth of view

The factor of the number of pages viewed shows the degree of interest of users in the entire website.

  • Resource attendance

Website traffic, that is, the frequency of visits. It is determined using various services, such as Google Analytics, Search  Console, Yandex. Metrika and others. The higher the website traffic, the more interesting and informative it is for users, respectively

  • Clicks

How many clicks in the search results led to the transition of the user to this site. If this was the last click from Google, then it is logical that it was he who answered the user's request, and search engines instantly react to this factor. Usually, the first and last clicks from the search engine results are taken into account more, it is their search engines that are considered the most relevant to the request.

In general, behavioral factors are formed based on the content of the site. The main ways to improve the performance of behavioral factors for search algorithms are:

  • Improving content on pages
  • Creation of convenient navigation on the website
  • Internal linking
  • Convenient mobile version
  • Creating a more attractive snippet
  • Reducing website loading time


Web Development


It is important to start web development, comprehensively, from the formation of the structure of the web resource, along with UX design, responsive layout, unique illustrated content, and other factors that affect user behavior.



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