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Web analytics for business

Web analytics is a system for measuring data on the behavior of Internet users on web resources and in social networks. Thanks to web analytics, the owners of websites, online stores, social networks learn more about their target audience, their interests, and actions.

Web analytics

The advantage of Internet marketing is that it is measurable, and with the help of tools such as Google Analytics, Yandex. Metrics, Pixel Facebook, our customers receive monthly reports on:

  • Number of monthly visits
  • Views Statistics of new and returning users
  • Demographic information
  • Geodata
  • Guest interests
  • Devices
  • Traffic sources
  • Key queries
  • Conversions


To track data, we connect to 3 analytics systems with monthly statistics sent to the mail. Tracking indicators gives a broad understanding of the site as a whole, its audience and helps in a promotion.


Social media analytics

Web analytics


When promoting SMM, you need to analyze statistics on advertising campaigns, creating split tests to identify shortcomings and set up campaigns most efficiently without wasting your budget. Web analytics tools are built into social media platforms and provide detailed information about target users and engagement.

Monthly reports on:

  • Subscriptions
  • Unsubscriptions
  • Published posts
  • Advertising campaigns
  • Involvement
  • Reach audience
  • Number of comments
  • Likes & Shares


Analytics in SEO

Google search


Web analytics in SEO optimization, in addition to the above possibilities, includes a full site audit and additional tools for tracking the development of a web resource in search engines. To do this, we connect the services: Google Search Console, Yandex Webmaster.

Analytical reports

  • Structured data
  • Analysis of search queries
  • Backlinks to the site
  • Internal links
  • Indexing status
  • Removing URLs from Google, Yandex search
  • Quickly adding pages to the index
  • Scan errors
  • Statistics on visits of google, Yandex bot
  • Robots.txt check
  • Working with the sitemap.xml file
  • Information on reference parameters
  • Analysis of the security of a web resource


Business web analytics is essential for all organizations and individuals to gain valuable insight into their customers. When ordering website development, SEO optimization services, promotion in social networks, technical support in our agency, clients receive complete structural statistics on operations and results.



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