Digital Marketing

Online (Internet, digital, web) is a marketing and commercial activity on the Internet, affecting all elements of digital marketing services. That is, it is the practice of applying the basic elements of traditional marketing, but carried out by "digital" methods.

Digital marketing includes creative, organizational, and technical aspects of marketing management: the development and creation of information carriers (Internet resources), the creation and placement of advertisements, the promotion of both information carriers and the information itself, goods, and services.

The main goal of digital marketing is to convert website or social visitors into buyers and increase profits. Therefore, the main task of web marketing is to understand the needs of the target audience and which the company will be able to satisfy taking into account the possibilities provided by the Internet.

The advantages of online marketing: interactivity (the ability to influence the audience, keep in touch with customers); targeting (the ability to highlight the target audience); web analytics.


Digital Marketing Services:

In the world of modern technology, more and more companies are realizing that a successfully promoted website on the Internet is one of the key factors for success. But how can you make your website visible and a...

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SMM is short for Social Media Marketing, which, in turn, implies a set of actions to attract an audience through social networks, blogs, forums, and communities. Simply put, this is communication with potential c...

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With the help of PR in the media, you can increase awareness and stand out from competitors. Depending on the strategy, you can promote both the company and a specialist who, in the future, will become an opinion...

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Bill Gates once said, "Content is king." He's right, but we'll say more: content can make you and your company king. True, only if you take care of its uniqueness.

What is content in...

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It has become a popular tool for large brands, as well as for small companies. The fact is that today many consumers more trust the opinion of people whose blogs they read than standard advertising formats. In ad...

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E-mail newsletters are bulk sending of letters by e-mail. These can be messages about promotions, sales, news, as well as educational materials: news, articles, webinars. In a word, something like a newspaper or...

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Contextual advertising is advertising, the content of which depends on the interests of the user, and this is one of its main advantages over other types of advertising. Search ads appear in sear...

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Web analytics is a system for measuring data on the behavior of Internet users on web resources and in social networks. Thanks to web analytics, the owners of websites, online stores, social networks learn more a...

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