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It has become a popular tool for large brands, as well as for small companies. The fact is that today many consumers more trust the opinion of people whose blogs they read than standard advertising formats. In addition, projects with bloggers give a good opportunity to get closer to consumers, ignoring contextual and targeted advertising, using Adblock (blocking ads), and automatically sending "everything".

Purposes of work with the blogosphere - this: PR; a story about that or another product or service; influence on the information background; building reputation; a controlled collection of feedback; stimulation of the purchaser's demand.

Promotion by bloggers


Looking for bloggers, it is understood, can and independently, but it is more effective to attract this agency because we work with the blogosphere for a long time and effectively. We offer you a list of bloggers, we consider the coverage of the audience, and we also control the timing of the release of content and the content itself.

We note that it is possible to work with bloggers on barter terms, but today it is no longer popular, and with top bloggers - and it is impossible. Barter is appropriate if the company can offer something of value and quality, taking into account the personal preferences of bloggers. To think in each specific case of a competent strategy of work with bloggers - our task.

The results of working with bloggers can be very effective if the goal was set correctly, and bloggers are rightly selected. One of the most important conditions: the blogger's audience should coincide with your target audience.

Promotion by bloggers


In the case of successful promotion by bloggers, the pros are obvious. Bloggers write their reviews on social networks, and journalists, seeing the interest of the blogger's audience, pick him up and, most importantly, organize the promotion in the media. All this causes growth of your brand awareness (products, services), change of market relations to business (growth of interest in the side of consumers), an increase of offers on the partnership, and change of the general information background for a more positive.

Cooperation with a blogger should be perceived not as a one-time activity, but rather as a complex campaign. If the first experience of integration was effective, the most time to review the work with a blogger regularly and try to turn it into its own agent of influence. However, it is not necessary to overdo it with frequent publications, so this will give a completely reverse effect and will hide the negative.

When working with bloggers it is better to turn to a specialized agency. We will not only help you with the choice of blogger but also take into account the decision of all communication issues, as well as evaluate the results of this cooperation.


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