SEO texts

SEO texts are thematic optimized texts that are often found on the pages of online stores, portals, and other sites. In general, these are the same unique content with embedded semantics and relevant headings that rank better in search engines. Competently composed content, promoted by 1-2 keywords, requires correct placement of queries in Title, H1, H2, H3, H4 titles with a certain frequency. Search bots have a negative attitude towards over-spammed texts, where keywords are found, but not telling about interesting content. It must be remembered first of all that the unique content created must satisfy the user with the information posted.

How it works

As everyone knows, SEO is not a myth, and to achieve high-quality optimization of the entire site and increase traffic, complex work is required, and it begins with collecting the semantic core. After the semantics are collected, based on the given key queries, competent and unique content is created with a focus on relevant headings. The texts that have passed the optimization procedure are called SEO texts.


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