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For any type of advertising, be it outdoor advertising, promotion in the media, or social networks, you need high-quality content in the form of a photo or video.

Commercial photography combines several genres: product photography, portrait photography, fashion photography, landscape, architecture, and interior photography. The main task of commercial photography is to show all the advantages of an object and hide its flaws. It needs to grab attention and influence the viewer's feelings and emotions to encourage them to purchase images.


Subject shooting

Subject shooting


Subject photography today is an integral part of the process of promoting a product on the market. Not a single advertising project is complete without high-quality photographs, while subject photography is common both in the printing industry and on the Web, where new sites appear every day that require high-quality photographs of the goods and services offered. Subject photography is closely intertwined with other genres of commercial photography: interior, architectural, portrait, etc. It is divided into two directions: catalog (creating advertising catalogs) and image (where a certain plot is played out in which the advertised product looks more interesting). Image photographs are used in outdoor advertising, in print media, and on the Internet (blogs, fan pages, public pages, etc.).


Architectural shooting

Architectural shooting


Architectural photography is a fairly common task for a professional photographer. It is a separate, rather specific genre of photography, the task of which is to reflect the beauty of buildings, structures, and building structures in an attractive way for the observer. Architectural photography is possible in two concepts, sometimes complementary: a documentary reflection of reality with maximum realism. In this case, the task is to present the object in the most favorable light, and only a professional can perform such a task. When developing an advertising campaign, architectural photography plays a vital role.


Interior photography

Interior photography


Interior photography of objects, production photography, medical institutions, equipment, technical processes - all this applies to staged or reportage photography, and only professionals can do it. But taking high-quality photos is not all. It is necessary to select the material, process the images in a graphic editor, taking into account the requirements (depending on the location, they may be different).


Fashion shooting

Fashion shooting


Fashion shooting is shooting collections of clothes and accessories of fashion houses, shooting fashion shows, events in the style of glamor, and much more. A fashion photographer must be a professional who knows the technical aspects of photography very well, has good taste, manages all stages of the creative process, competently resolve emerging unforeseen situations, and knows the market conditions, and understands the tasks of his clients. Fashion photography plays an important role in marketing for brand and product promotion.





An option is possible when you need filming dedicated to some significant date of the company: a video report about a corporate event or a video for partners.

The most popular is advertising photography, and there are many genres and subgenres here. A typical example is a short commercial, and one of the most popular today is the creation of so-called "viral videos". A viral video usually has an original and unpredictable plot and makes users of social networks (where it is published) interested in it enough to actively disseminate it. These videos usually implicitly (or even explicitly) advertise goods or services. And the benefit from them is obvious: funds are invested only in its creation, and the distribution, moreover, voluntarily, is done by users of social networks.

There are other examples, but we will tell about them in person, because it is better, as they say, to see once.


Why do you need to contract professionals?

Photography & Videography

Only a professional will be able to give you high quality in difficult changing shooting conditions. It gives out the quality of the level you want to pay for because it guarantees the result. Technical equipment is necessary, but, as mathematicians say, an insufficient condition for obtaining a high-quality result. You can save on everything except common sense, and photos are often the only thing that your potential buyer sees right away. A poorly or carelessly executed illustration acts directly on the subconscious, and if the picture is bad, then no calls and thoughtful slogans will, alas, help you.

The same applies to video filming - only professionals can complete the tasks of creating a high-quality video. And our agency can provide you with the services of professional photographers and videographers with extensive experience. You can count on a decent result that justifies your investment.



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