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SEO Audit Services - full website analysis

We conduct a detailed analysis of your website and create detailed recommendations to increase its visibility in search engines. Evaluating website promotion will help you understand its real position in search engines, as well as potential growth and sales from organic traffic.
We carry out a complete analysis of the site and prepare for you a strategy for its further development and audience expansion. Correcting identified technical errors on your website will increase its ranking in search results.


SEO checklist

General analysis:

  • Website matrix analysis
  • Website traffic potential assessment
  • Analysis of CMS for efficiency for promotion
  • Site fullness analysis
  • Analysis of positions across all semantics
  • Site visibility for LF, MF, HF requests


Server settings:

  • Analysis of page loading speed
  • Analysis of page sizes
  • Checking Gzip, caching



  • Checking the indexing of each page of the site
  • Compiling a list of non-indexed pages visited by the robot
  • Search the index of technical pages
  • Analysis of the dynamics of site indexing
  • Checking robots.txt file
  • Checking sitemap.xml for errors
  • Checking 404 errors



  • Subdomain content analysis
  • Search for duplicate pages
  • Search for duplicate content
  • Search for blank pages
  • Checking the site for mirrors



  • Checking the correctness of the region definition


Spam and vulnerabilities:

  • Analysis of outbound advertising for violation of PS rules
  • Check for spam HTML headers
  • Checking pages for hidden text
  • Checking a site for XSS vulnerabilities
  • Checking texts for grammatical errors and typos
  • Checking the hosting IP address for spam sites
  • Checking the site for filters in Google
  • Search for spam pages
  • Checking texts for keyword spam


Reference factors:

  • Analyzing the hierarchy of the site's URL structure
  • Check URL for spam
  • CNC


Semantic core:

  • Analysis of the semantic core for completeness of coverage


Behavioral factors:

  • The convenience of the site structure to solve user problems
  • Checking the site for the presence of mandatory functional modules of the subject
  • Usability test



  • Checking for phone numbers, addresses, and other important information in the form of indexed text
  • Analysis of the uniqueness of texts
  • Analysis of the presence of important forms of requests in texts
  • Analysis of the correctness of writing texts




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