Full cycle of web development: from planning to optimization.

In the modern world, simply having a website is not enough - it must be functional, user-friendly, and visually appealing. Web development is the process of creating and maintaining websites, which includes a multitude of stages and tasks. We offer a full cycle of web development, starting from planning and ending with testing and optimization. Together, we will create a website that not only meets all the requirements of the modern web but also serves as an effective tool to achieve your business goals.

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Stages of Development

  • Planning

The first stage is to define the goals, audience, and functionality of the website. We conduct a detailed analysis of your business to create a site that meets your needs. At this stage, we also determine the technologies that will be used in development.

  • Design

When designing a website, attention is paid to ensuring that it reflects your brand and style, and provides ease of use for users. At the same time, we take into account the latest design trends to create a site that stands out among competitors.

  • Front-end development

During the development process, we create a website interface that will be displayed in the user's browser. We use modern technologies to create a website that loads quickly and displays on any device.

  • Back-end development

Backend development is the process of creating the software part of a website that provides its functionality. Modern programming languages and frameworks are used to create such a site, providing scalability and security for the website.

  • Testing and debugging

To ensure the quality of a website, thorough testing for errors and inconsistencies is necessary after its development is complete. Website testing can include checking for functionality, performance, security, and compatibility with various browsers and devices. Any errors or inconsistencies should be fixed prior to the website's launch to ensure its stability and functionality.

  • Server deployment

Server deployment involves installing the necessary components on the server and configuring the environment for running the application. After installation on the server, the operations engineer conducts a check of the website's functionality to ensure that it is working correctly and is available to users.

  • Launch and optimization

Once testing and debugging are completed, the website is ready for launch. However, to ensure maximum efficiency and performance, website optimization is required. This may include optimizing page load speed, improving SEO and user-friendliness, as well as integrating social media and analytical tools for tracking user traffic and behavior.

  • Support and development

After the website is launched, it is necessary to provide continuous support and development to ensure it meets changing user needs and expectations. Website support may include bug fixes, content, and functionality updates, as well as SEO improvements, and security maintenance. Website development may involve adding new features and content, updating design and technology, as well as expanding functionality, and integrating with new platforms and devices to keep it relevant and competitive.



We use advanced technologies and an individual approach to each project to ensure maximum efficiency and performance of your website.

  • Figma;

  • HTML5 (Pug);
  • CSS3 (SASS);
  • Javascript ES6);
  • React JS;
  • Angular JS;
  • Webpack

  • Linux, Apache, Nginx;
  • MySQL, MongoDB;
  • Python, Php8;
  • Django, Laravel, Symphony
  • Redis


Web Development - Technology


Project team:

Web Development team


  • Project Manager:

The project manager is the heart of the team that ensures project success. They coordinate the work of all team members, monitor their progress, communicate with the client, and ensure adherence to deadlines. With them, your project will be in capable hands and will achieve its goals!

  • Web Designer:

A web designer with UX skills is a master of creating websites that will amaze and attract potential customers, as well as provide convenience and ease of use. Their knowledge of design and user experience helps them create websites that are not only beautiful but also functional and intuitive.

  • Frontend Developer:

The front-end developer is responsible for creating a unique user experience, ensuring that the website is not only beautiful but also easy to use and functional.

  • Backend Developer:

The backend developer creates powerful and secure websites that provide smooth interaction with the user and protection of confidential data, using advanced programming technologies.

  • Deployment engineer

A specialist is responsible for ensuring the uninterrupted operation of a website on a server. They are involved in installing the necessary components, launching and configuring the server, as well as constantly monitoring and supporting the operation of the website in 24/7 mode.

  • Content Specialist:

The content manager creates attractive and original textual and media content for the website that helps achieve the client's goals and attract new audiences to the site.

  • Marketer:

They help your website attract more customers by increasing its visibility on the internet and optimizing it for search engines. They create effective marketing strategies that help your business succeed in the online world.

  • Tester:

They control the quality of the website and its compliance with the client's requirements, ensuring its uninterrupted operation and maximum user satisfaction. They make the website error-free and easy to use, leading to business growth and improving the company's reputation.

Each specialist in the project team has their own tasks and responsibilities that must be completed within the project. Working as a team allows for tasks to be effectively distributed and common project goals to be achieved.



Web Development

Professional website development is a guarantee of obtaining a quality product. We will create a website for you that will exceed your expectations. You can entrust us with the development of a website of any complexity, as well as its further administration and promotion.

Send an email to info@advance.az, and our web developers will help you bring all your ideas to life!

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