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Aerial photography - and video filming - is shooting of the terrain from a sufficiently high altitude using special equipment. Aerial photography attracts with its uniqueness, the ability to choose any angle, and versatility. Today, shooting from a helicopter, crane, or airplane is successfully replaced by a drone (copter), with the help of which shooting covers a large area, and therefore is very informative. One photo can show the object of interest to you and the adjacent territory, which will emphasize its advantageous location.

Aero photo video shooting


Aerial video filming with a copter

Aerial photography is also widely in demand today when creating advertising videos, in the film industry, show business, video presentations, and so on.

Aerial photography and video filming are conventionally divided into two types: perspective and planned. Perspective (the camera is at an angle to the plane of the earth) has an artistic focus and is used to photograph architecture, residential complexes, hotels, etc. Planned aerial photography and video filming (the camera is located parallel to the ground plane) are mainly technical and used in design and construction.

One of the most popular is aerial panoramic photography. Such shooting is most often in demand among owners of real estate and land plots, realtors and architects, construction companies, and tourism facilities.



Advantages of Aero photo video shooting:

  • Unique viewing angle
  • A high resolution


Shooting heights can be up to several hundred meters, and this allows you to get angles that cannot be captured from the ground.

3D aerial panoramas are easy to integrate into the site; they can be viewed on many modern devices that support Flash and HTML5 technology. In this case, several interconnected panoramas can be combined, for example, into a virtual tour, which can include aerial panoramas and panoramic shooting from the ground and photo and video content. Virtual tours are actively used in presentations, advertising of hotels and residential complexes, in design and construction, etc.

Our agency offers high-quality aerial photography of any complexity. We will help you "direct" your photo and video filming to achieve the best result for you.



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