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Bill Gates once said, "Content is king." He's right, but we'll say more: content can make you and your company king. True, only if you take care of its uniqueness.

What is content in general and what makes it unique?

Content is not just "text on the site", this term actually means the collection of all information in text, visual, video, and audio format that want to convey to your audience through a site, account, email. Of course, the text here is an important basis, but limiting ourselves to it today is a step into yesterday. Therefore, the content includes presentations, infographics, photo-video galleries, and so on.

Unique content


And here it is important to consider the main thing: the task of the right content is not to solve the problems of the seller of a product or service, that is, yours. The task of content is to find and captivate those who are looking for answers to their own questions and solutions to their own problems - that is, your potential buyers and consumers. If you manage to give the site visitor what he wants with the help of the content, to answer all his questions, then he will remember you and will stay with you for a long time, or even forever. However, we have gone a little ahead, speaking of content marketing, which puts the satisfaction of the information needs of the client in the first place.

So let's get back to the unique content for the website. So, content today is one of the most significant factors in a site's ranking in search engines. And, no matter what we said earlier, the text still takes up most of any information on the site and is the basis for its promotion.

Unique content means its exclusivity, semantic load, and ... user comprehensibility. In fact, the site visitor - that is, the potential consumer - is not particularly important for the uniqueness of the content, because he is only interested in obtaining the most useful information for himself. Although the benefit criteria are different in each case, the ideal content should combine awareness and attractiveness.

Content marketing


Unique content for a website in SEO promotion

For a search engine, the uniqueness of content is of paramount importance: it is thanks to this indicator that they rank sites. That is, it is the unique content that allows the site to be at the top of search engines, it is he who increases the relevance of the site and contributes to the development of the resource.

Content Marketing


Writing high-quality unique content is not an easy task: as we said, the texts must be both interesting to people and optimized for search engines. It is important to remember that the main task of the website is still to provide relevant information. That is, unique content is not a mechanically composing text, but high-quality material that simultaneously meets the requirements of the search engines, covers the audience's requests, and gives it the desired answers. It is important to remember that uniqueness should extend to the entire site, not to individual pages. Duplicate content harms the relevance of the resource.

But the complexity of composing unique content will pay off handsomely, because when your target audience finds a site with really useful information that meets their needs, then it is she who will start (and, of her own free will) the viral distribution of content on the Web. That is, the game is worth the candle.

And vice versa: non-unique content leads to a decrease in website rankings, loss of site visibility, deterioration in search traffic, and, as a result, a sharp decline in sales. Even if the services are offered at attractive prices, low-quality content will alienate the site visitor. Therefore, it makes no sense to promote a website with non-unique content.

A few words about content marketing, which implies a deep analysis of the target audience, regular publications on various platforms, both internal (company website, corporate blog, groups in social networks) and external (media, partner sites, etc.) ... It also involves actively engaging readers in dialogue with content authors, collecting opinions, conducting surveys and contests. All this contributes to the establishment of strong trusting relationships with a large number of potential consumers of your goods or services.

It is content that can push potential buyers to the action you need. The site, regularly updated with high-quality text materials, occupies high positions in search engines. Interesting content encourages the user to share it through social networks (at least - like, at most - share on his page). As a result, your audience expands. Good content builds brand credibility, in other words, you become the prospect's ally. Because high-quality content subconsciously makes it clear to your customers that you care first of all about it, and only then about your own financial profit. But the consequence of this is always an increase in your sales.


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