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Outdoor advertising is any advertising information (graphic or text) placed on special structures (temporary or stationary) in open areas, external surfaces of buildings, structures, elements of street equipment, above the carriageway of streets and roads (or right on the road), and so Further. Outdoor advertising also includes advertising messages placed inside stores and supermarkets, POS advertising (advertising at the point of sale, which includes many forms, from flyers to plasma displays and monitors), TPDs, screens, and other media. However, the latter are more often singled out as a separate type of indoor advertising (indoor advertising).

Indoor and outdoor advertisements are combined into Out Of Home (OOH) advertisements, which in turn are included in ATL advertisements.

Outdoor advertising remains one of the most traditional and popular advertising distribution channels around the world, including in Azerbaijan.


The advantages of outdoor advertising:

  • Wide audience coverage. It is seen every day by a huge number of people, most of whom are active young people, that is, the most attractive demographic group.
  • Frequency and flexibility of poster placement. Information about your company will be seen at least once a day. In addition, you can place ads anywhere in the city where your target audience is most often.
  • Long-term impact on the audience. Outdoor advertising is the most spectacular.
  • Clear delineation of impact boundaries. Depending on the placements, you influence your target audience yourself.


Outdoor advertising is designed mainly for visual perception. Its advantages include the fact that it always attracts attention, and its correct placement makes it more effective. A competent choice of the format of outdoor advertising contributes to the consolidation of its content in the memory of the consumer. The development of a layout for outdoor advertising begins with answering the question of what kind of information the viewer should receive. All other actions are based on its implementation. The forms of outdoor advertising depend on a whole range of different tasks.

It should be borne in mind that outdoor advertising is often associated with a time-limited impact on a potential consumer, it should literally burst into their minds. Therefore, its idea should be clear at first glance, which means that its design should make the message clear and impressive. It should be noted that advertising is rarely read, so it is important that the audience is "hooked" on something. In addition, it is usually perceived from a long distance. All this must be taken into account when composing the text part of the advertisement, its visual part (colors, their contrast, and so on), and the frequency of its changes. The correct placement of outdoor advertising is also of great importance because the goal is to reach a large audience. And although technical implementation is important, it is in outdoor advertising that creativity is most important.

Outdoor advertising includes many constructs, types, and technologies, the competent use of which allows you to achieve the goal with the lowest financial costs.

outdoor advertising - Out Of Home (OOH)


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