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You can achieve your goals only with the help of a professional approach and drawing up an action plan.


Any business is interested in increasing sales of its products, gaining market share, and other successes. Achieving these goals can only be achieved through a professional approach and an action plan.

The marketing agency Advance Azerbaijan conducts marketing research of the market that you occupy, develops a strategy to promote your brand, and strengthens its position in the market.

Drawing up a plan takes place in several stages:



  • Assessment of the company's capabilities (identification of its strengths and weaknesses);
  • Study of the offered goods and services to identify the consumer audience and their competitiveness in the market;
  • Development of specific measures, including pricing policy, product promotion tools, advertising campaign, and sales tracking options;
  • A detailed description of the prices of your competitors;
  • Providing a pricing policy for the goods you offer;
  • Determining the advantages of your competitors in the market;
  • Options for promoting your brand using an advertising campaign (identifying the main promotion levers).


  • Duration

    from 3 months

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    On the basis of a contract

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    Marketing Consulting

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