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Technical support

Full administration of web resources and health monitoring.


Full server administration and monitoring

  • Selection, installation, and configuration of the operating system.
  • Installation and configuration of any additional software (any virtualization systems, clustering, and specialized software)
  • Creation and configuration of mail accounts, FTP / SSH.
  • Sharing access to different data for different users.
  • Full daily backup of the client's projects to a remote server and restoring data from the backup at the client's request.
  • Every minute monitoring of server availability and load, the performance of individual services, disk arrays, as well as client sites.
  • Weekly software and OS updates on the server.
  • Setting up and optimizing the work of MySQL / Nginx / Apache, etc. individually for each project (of any complexity).
  • Basic assistance in protecting against DDoS attacks using the server itself.


Website Administration

  • Operational consulting
  • Layout edits
  • Troubleshooting
  • Optimization
  • Software Update

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  • Duration

    1 month

  • Investments

    from 500 AZN

  • Bonus



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