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Creation of corporate identity for the company


A guidebook is a guide to using a corporate identity, a document that prescribes the rules for building and using the main elements of a corporate identity. The larger and more complete the guidebook, the easier and more relaxed the company will be to interact with creative agencies, printers, and other contractors.


Corporate identity carriers:

  • Brand and business documentation.
  • Letterhead of an official letter
  • Corporate template of the order form.
  • Corporate report template.
  • Branded envelope. C5 format
  • Branded envelope. C4 format
  • Branded envelope. E65 format
  • Personal business card
  • Badge.
  • Branded folder for papers.
  • Diary.
  • Plates on the doors of services.
  • Presentations and accompanying documents.
  • Mugs.
  • Email template.
  • Press Release Layout.
  • POS materials


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  • Duration

    from 14 days

  • Investments

    from 2500 AZN

  • Bonus

    Logo development


Brand recognition

Conversion increase

Increase in sales


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