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Commercial offer to promote banks

Promotion channels

  • Preparation of high-quality thematic illustrations, writing the text for posts, timely posting on social networks (15 posts per month), support of contests and quests, administration of pages.

    SMM services →

  • Choosing the most suitable news portals, writing a unique article, increasing the company's rating through the media, posting, and tracking the correct placement of the article.

    Advertising in the media →

  • Preparation of text for SMS, tracking and control over the correctness of sending SMS, wide audience coverage.

  • Ən uyğun radio stansiyalarının seçilməsi, səslərin seçilməsi, səsyazma studiyalarının kirayəsi, radio üçün proqramların hazırlanması.

    Radio advertising cost


  • Duration

    from 2 months

  • Investments

    from 3499 AZN

  • Bonus

    Marketing Consulting


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